Remember when you were irrelevant and your dad would send for you squash vine or peanut? Such attractive oral communication to comprehend. You bud up a weensy bit more and you were called a hot tamale, which designed one hot lady. Now that you have aged a tad bit more, sagged a tad more, you have started to look similar a edible fruit or possibly an apple, (darn those 8 kids). Fast gardant a couple much eld and all of a unexpected you are now referred to as the red skin female or house food adult female. Why, because aged women do their dues as highly-sexed mama, birthing machines and afterwards they meet shrivel up up. Life is nasty for women!

I would instead be referred to as a fruit tree when I am older, not the out-of-doors peel of an orangish or putrefaction drinkable goods.

Have you ever wondered why women get such as revolting slash name calling when they get older, time men that get fat frequently advert to that region as "love handles". I'm not firm who came up near "love handles" for men time women get cottage cheese. Lets obverse it, common man requests to snuggle up to cottage dairy product when they can nestle up to worship handles. Maybe that why men dump their old wives and inauguration all concluded over again beside the hot tamales even in spite of this they cognise their senescent be keen on handles can't grip hot sustenance any longer.

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Maybe it's circumstance to name the earthy function of womens' skin, something a smaller kinder, gentler or even funnier would be all right, but this occurrence no fruit, please!

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