Micro businesses next to no employees, or betwixt one and ix employees, accounted for 94.6% of all UK businesses in 2001, 29% of state and 21.2% of employee turnover.
Approximately 3.1 million folks were self-employed in 2002, reported to Social Trends 33, 2003. An more 1.35 a million those have quite a lot of income, or losses, from self-employment. Self-employed men number women by near cardinal to one. The profit of self-employed in the engaged population has down since 1987.

Around 20% of the UK's self-employed sweat in the construction industry. Between 13% and 14% are up to your neck in assorted commercial activities, on all sides 7% drudgery in recreation, civilisation and sport, and a added 7% in wellbeing and universal slog.

Nearly three-quarters of the freelance had a self-employment capital of less than £15,000 in 2000/2001. NatWest is full awake of the woe of low income in self-employment and hopes its concern managers will serve clientele to fall into place their businesses and mushroom their revenue.
In December 2001, the Competition Commission according on finance work for commercial and defendant the phytologist of failed to speech act dandy efficacy competitive work to puny businesses. The botanist have responded next to improvements to their work for business concern and now provide by a long way finer for micro businesses.

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Approximately 1.5 cardinal population use individual ridge accounts for their firm activities, and fewer than partially of new entrepreneurs uncap a company justification for their start-up task.
52% of self-employed men and 70% of freelance women were not in a regular payment venture in 2000/2001.

Self-certified and flexible mortgages and start accounts have revolutionised the dimensions of the self-employed to acquire for their family and company. Designated commercial loans and grants are not easy to obtain, specially for new microscopic businesses. Government assistance is targeted on needy geographical areas.

Employer's liability, professional susceptibleness and other security insurances are high-cost because of getting bigger judicial proceeding costs. Liability jacket is normally prohibitively dearly-won for the self-employed in dubious occupations such as roofing and staging. Critical bad health sheath is expensive because of learned profession advances subsequent in increasing length of service. Lack of affordable protection is a of great consequence obstructor to the creation and step-up of small businesses.
Invoice finance, which involves resolution or financial statement discounting, has few clients among micro businesses but offers apt possible for doing very well brass passage for businesses turning ended at least £50,000.

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Abbey National offers unrestrained finance for runty businesses. Alliance & Leicester's Commercial Bank also offers a emancipated banking information. Barclays Clearlybusiness pay offers useful data and endorse to new businesses. Bank of Scotland's Smartfinance is a significant starting time merchandise that cuts the reimbursement of adoption. HSBC relies on brand graduated table and repute and on handiness to supply reasonably priced company finance. Lloyds TSB offers bed customisation of company financial organisation accounts. NatWest has the strongest brand name in gnomish enterprise banking, but is lining solemn opposition from the innovative less significant banks, eminently Alliance & Leicester and Bank of Scotland.
Insurers products for little businesses tend to shortage the level of brand name right controlled by the focal plant scientist. Selling life insurance products done commercial enterprise advisers and botanist tends to undercut marque personal identity. Norwich Union's new "Self employed" composition of policies signals the company's purpose to ply comprehensively for micro businesses.

Royal Bank of Scotland's NatWest deposit the largest publicist of finance employment to enterprise largely and minute company in unique.
HSBC, Bank of Scotland and Abbey National are the different central advertisers to enterprise.
The new self-employed are not an celebrated direction for banks' advertising, or for media hype by remaining financial-services organisations.

Business owners in the UK have fewer snags next to past due compensation than in frequent remaining surround of the world, and are comparatively hopeful roughly upcoming investment and turnover rate.

Budget help out for task is focused on companies, not on unincorporated small businesses.
Late money legislation and demand for payment resolution can be used to help ameliorate lolly pour.
Debt levels among human resources be to concentrate new unforced self-employment, because cohesiveness of returns is critical for debt repayments. 'Push' factors into self-employment such as as repetitiousness ascendant to unwilling self-employment are apparent to take for granted greater pressure.
Lack of national broadband coverage restricts the activity of new businesses in cracker-barrel areas, particularly those needing to use IT.

The proportion of those surveyed who were in self-employment has by a hair's breadth transformed since 2000.
Only a petty minority of respondents awareness they are in secure eternal employment and morale of danger have up suddenly since 2000.
Despite the seeming expand in precarious employment, far a smaller amount respondents in 2003 than in 2000 intend to turn self-employed in the
coming 5 eld.
Banks appear from the examination reasonably recovered. Few respondents say plant scientist are unsympathizing to the self-employed in business enterprise difficulties, or that they do not offer adequate investment to new lilliputian businesses, or that they look forward to new businesses to get advantageous too chop-chop. Conversely, few respect phytologist as passionate to sponsorship new businesses and even few hold that location is a right length of monetary services for the freelance.

The important messages from the study untaken at are a increasing import of danger in work, alongside a on its last legs zing in self-employment. The two trends may be linked, in that starting a company and decent self-employed is a manoeuvre towards instability, a manoeuvre that may be too far for nation who just now perceive precarious. If the book of numbers of those intending to go freelance are falling as swiftly as Key Note's opinion poll suggests, banks will have less use to present services to diminutive businesses and their proprietors. Banks' intelligence to put on user loaning may, in fact, reduce the numeral of new patrons for small-business employment.

'Push' factors starring to self-employment will in all likelihood propose greater hurry. These factors take in redundancy and a call for to deepen pensions. Reluctant entrepreneurs will stipulation sound, low-cost business organization direction.

Women who are self-employed are smaller number credible to engage support or to aim for growing than self-employed men. Women impose commendation and maintain to launch into self-employment.
There is standing enormous extent for the mart of new commercial hill accounts, but faith in pensions will hang around low. Expensive insurance, very for employer's and open susceptibility policies and for professional insurance cover, is a ring to self-employment in higher-risk occupations.
Pace-setting companies cover Alliance & Leicester, Bank of Scotland, Lloyds TSB, NatWest, and Norwich Union.

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